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Ten Reasons Why You Need a Garden Shed

By Brian A Schmidt
Guest Writer

Metal Garden ShedIn today’s rat-race we call life there is a need for a place that we can retreat to for solace. Perhaps that is why so many of us have become backyard gardeners.

You work hard all week long at your J.O.B., looking after and running around with the kids, doing the household chores…

You need a break so you enter your area of peace and tranquility — your garden. You get out your hoe or your trowel, or your fork and start to work up the land and make life beautiful again.

Part of your arsenal of tools for your garden should be your garden storage shed. Garden sheds make clean up quick and easy after venting your frustrations - or relaxing the anxieties of life - in your garden.

We have compiled a short list of reasons why you should have a garden shed.

Tool and Equipment Storage:

 First off garden sheds provide a safe place to store all of your garden tools. Tools left out in the weather can become rusty and damaged making yet another frustration rear its ugly head. Protecting your garden tools shows a sense of pride in your garden.

Fertilizer and Chemical Storage:

Next, garden sheds provide a safe and dry storage place for the fertilizers and other chemicals whether organic or not. This protects the products but also protects your children or grandchildren or they neighbors’ children.

Artistic Structure:

Garden sheds can provide an artistic feature to your garden. Many of you have garden structures to add interest to your retreat. A cute little garden shed can provide that point-of-interest that your garden may be lacking.

Visual Screen:

If there is a portion of your yard that is somewhat unkempt or undeveloped, a properly placed garden shed can provide a visual screen as well as all of the other benefits that garden storage buildings can provide.

Sheltered workspace:

Garden sheds can provide a sheltered place in which to work in the early spring or fall. A small potting bench inside your garden shed will allow you to get your seeds planted in pots or to work on your seedlings during inclement weather — think potting shed!


Well planned garden sheds can be used as greenhouse when the need is required. A couple of properly placed windows or even a glazed section of roof is all that would be required here.

Seasonal Furniture Storage:

In the late fall when you can no longer enjoy being in your yard you will have a place to store all of the seasonal furniture and garden accents for winter. Protecting these items give them a much longer life span saving you money! ;-)

Seed and bulb storage:

Perhaps you retrieve seed from your annual plants for planting next year. Your garden shed is the perfect place for storing those seeds. They will get the cold conditioning that many seeds require for beautiful plants next year.

Planting Backdrops:

Garden sheds can make for excellent backdrops for vertical growing plants. They also can provide structural support for climbers and vines. Hanging baskets can be supported by some types of garden sheds as well. Window boxes and single pots can be hung from the walls of garden sheds making them a virtual living wall!

Making Good Neighbors:

If you have a particularly unsightly spot beyond the limits of your yard you can easily hide it by tactfully positioning a garden shed to block the view. (This can make for better neighbors as you will not have to tell them about their mess ;-) )

Garden Sheds come in all shapes, sizes and materials. You can get a garden shed that is just right for your lifestyle and budget. Many of the metal garden shed kits are your best value and can be erected by almost anyone with basic handy-man type skills. They come in sizes from a small lean-to storage area to garden sheds the size of a garage and even much larger.

If you are concerned about environmental impact, put your concerns to ease. Metal garden storage sheds are very environmentally friendly as well. Most structural steel and light gauge metal products are more than half composed of recycled materials. If your metal garden building outlasts its usefulness to you, it can again be recycled. No more materials polluting the landfill sites!

These are but a few of the reasons that you should have a garden shed for your home. These may not even be the main reason for you to have your own garden storage building.

But as you can see there are many benefits to having a garden shed. And having one does not have to mean that you are impacting negatively on the environment.

With a little thought and imagination I’m sure that you can get yourself the perfect garden shed; one that has little environmental impact; one that has the storage area you require; one that adds a little spice to your garden; and one that you will be proud of.

Brian A Schmidt is author and publisher of, a site dedicated to ensuring that you choose the right metal buildings for you.  Having owned a small construction company and been construction manager for a few companies over the years has given Brian extensive experience in all sectors of the construction industry. These include commercial steel buildings, industrial buildings, residential buildings and institutional building. Gardening, woodworking in his hobby workshop and cruise vacationing take up his “free” time.

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