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The Softer Side of Modern

soft-modern decorating(NC)—The “modern” of the new millennium is taking a turn from the past. “Extremist modern decorating” – with angled edges, geometric shapes and cube-inspired items has evolved. Today's soft-modern is welcoming and easy to live in – with delicate designs, flowing lines and understated details. Up-to-date and unfussy, this new modern look is fresh and comfortable.

“Soft modern decorating is really the wave of the future,” said Judy Riley, vice president of design, Moen. “It bypasses all of the fleeting trends and features a comfortable, confident look that still manages to be fresh and current. Plus, its style is truly timeless – with clean, simple lines and a spacious, uncluttered feel – the soft modern approach will look as good in ten years as it does today.”

To begin integrating soft modern style cues in your home, try these tips:

  • Light, fresh colours form the ideal backdrop for this decorating style.
  • If wallpaper is preferred, choose small patterns which will blend well with the muted paint scheme.
  • Following the direction of the walls, flooring should be neutral, comfortable under foot and easy to maintain.
  • When considering lighting, make the most of natural light from windows and skylights. For accent lighting, try small pendant lights and wall-mounted lights, which can disperse light throughout the room for a soft, romantic effect.
  • Furniture should be relaxed and comfortable – think sectional, overstuffed couches and chairs. Another trademark look of the soft modern style is that everything doesn't have to match – an unmatched look is completely appropriate for this welcoming decorating trend.

Once you've initiated the overall soft modern décor style in your home, you can choose certain rooms in which to concentrate. A good rule of thumb is to start with the rooms you use most, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

  • In the kitchen, the focal point should be your dining table. Any shape will coordinate well with a soft modern flair; however a solid wood table is not only beautiful; but is also easy to care for and virtually lasts forever. Another nice option fitting of this design style is a glass-topped table.
  • In the bathroom, concentrate on the often-used sink area. Here, it's the faucet that should take center stage. For a clean, uncluttered look to complement a stylish sink, try the Fina™ single-handle lavatory faucet from ShowHouse®. Featuring soft modern style cues, highlights of the faucet include its high-arc, marquise-shaped spout, lever handle and contemporary-shaped base. The beautifully designed faucet also features a flow-optimized aerator for water savings.

To add the finishing touch to your newly decorated home, place carefully selected accessories in each room. Keep things relaxed, simple and comfortable – and you'll enjoy the soft modern style today and for years to come.

For more information on the Fina lavatory faucet from ShowHouse, visit or call (800) 465-6130.

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BC Thermal Imaging Ltd. BC Thermal Imaging Ltd.

1433 Cambridge Drive, Coquitlam, ON, Canada   V3J 2P9

Phone: 604-290-8364

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