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Six Projects to Dramatically Update Your Kitchen in Six Hours or Less

(NC)—With the amount of time you spend in your kitchen, why settle for out-of-date features and décor? Why not give your kitchen a 180-degree makeover by trying these six simple projects.

Home Sweet Kitchen

Update your Sink with a New FaucetStart by swapping any cold and unstylish fluorescent tube lighting with more decorative chandeliers or flush-mount lighting to flood your kitchen with ambient light. Next, fill in shadowy areas – or highlight objects you admire – with spot lights, such as recessed cans or dangling pendant lamps.

Time:2 -6 hours depending on number of fixtures

Update your Sink with a New Faucet

As a workhorse and focal point of your kitchen, update your faucet with a functional and stylish model. Try Moen Canada's Boutique® Pulldown Kitchen faucet, with its distinct styling that blends beautifully into granite and other solid-surface countertops for an upscale and stunning look. Or, try an eco-friendly option, such as Moen Canada's Dorsey™ Eco-Performance kitchen faucet, which offers consumer-preferred pullout/pulldown functionality with three unique settings – eco-performance stream or spray for tasks like washing dishes that require a constant, yet low-water flow, or a full-flow option when filling a pot or pitcher. This simple kitchen update can yield up to a 32 percent water savings – while also adding exquisite styling into your kitchen.

Time: 1.5 hours

Shortage of Storage

With so many gadgets, appliances and don't forget food – kitchen storage can quickly become sparse. Start by organizing your current storage – purging any items that you haven't used in years. Next, if you have room – add a kitchen island or additional cabinets to provide more storage and work room.

Time: 6 hours

Add Sass with a Backsplash

Tired of cleaning food or grease splashes from your kitchen walls? Spruce up drab or dirty-looking kitchen walls with a dynamic backsplash to walls near the sink or stove top. There are hundreds of styles, textures and patterns to choose from that can increase the sophistication in your kitchen and make it easier to clean!

Time: 6 hours

Getting a New Grip on Cabinets

Cleaning your cabinets with soap and water then polishing is the best way to make them look new again. Replacing old handles and hardware to your cabinets with a new stylish design and finish to match your new faucet will add the final polished look to your kitchen.

Time: 2-5 hours depending on number of cabinetsAdvance the Technology

Whether it's a microwave that fits in a drawer… a refrigerator with a TV… an oven that you can program… or a customized wine and beverage cooler, adding new upscale appliances can take enjoyment in your kitchen to a whole new level. However, if these high-end appliances are out of your budget, upgrade your current appliances with new energy-efficient models in the latest finishes.

Time: 2 hours shopping + waiting on deliveries

In no time at all you can easily turn your kitchen from drab to fab with just a few simple projects. For more information about any of Moen Canada's products, visit or call (800) 465-6130.

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BC Thermal Imaging Ltd. BC Thermal Imaging Ltd.

1433 Cambridge Drive, Coquitlam, ON, Canada   V3J 2P9

Phone: 604-290-8364

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