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The Importance of a truly flat Floor for proper Floating Floor Installations

A truly flat floor is crucial to the installation of a properly installed floor.

The most common problem with all kinds of hard surface flooring, are areas where the flooring sinks or bounces when you walk over them, due to floor leveling negligence. In most cases, this will never deteriorate the integrity of your flooring; however this is not always true.  Engineered flooring, with a bad enough sub floor, has a tendency to separate from itself at the joints. Furthermore, this tends to be the cause of gapping with laminate flooring.  

A properly leveled sub floor will yield flooring that feels nice and solid, and lasts longer!  Floor leveling is by far the most powerful reason laminate has obtained a negative reputation as poor quality, however real wood engineered flooring is prone to the same poor leveling circumstances if the floor leveling is not inspected and corrected if required.

 Dealing with a wooden sub floor is much easier to work with than a concrete sub floor; however in both cases, the solution is adding leveling compound to low spots or if possible, grinding down high spots.

Always inspect your sub floor and act accordingly to make sure your floor leveling meets the installation requirements of your brand new flooring. 

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