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Is Landscaping a Major Asset?

By Brian A Schmidt
Guest Writer

Landscaping a Major AssetLandscaping is something that is often overlooked or under-stressed on many properties, both residential and commercial. However with a beautiful landscaping plan one can enhance personal and business image, create better living and working environments as well as giving your property that well-dressed look.

Commercially, landscaping can do so much more for you. Now I know that many of you will say that spending time and money on landscaping will do nothing for your bottom line… Think again!

There are many ways in which a nicely landscaped business property can profit from the investment. And do think of it as just that… an investment.

Now your business may employ book-keepers, accountants, technicians, or marketing people. These employees do not actually produce your product or service but they can all have a positive input in your bottom line. Accountants can find better ways of handling cash flow. Technicians can find more cost-effective ways to fabricate your product. And marketing people can find new markets for your product or come up with a winning jingle to sell your product.

These are more passive additions to your overall profit game plan. In much the same way, proper landscaping can produce results that will help your bottom line.

You Have One Chance to Make a First Impression

First of all an appropriately landscaped business puts up a lasting first impression of your business. Perhaps a potential client would fly right by your business if not for the attractive landscaping. That would be one customer lost. Successful businesses like to do business with other successful businesses. A pleasingly landscaped business portrays that successful image.

Great Corporate Image Leads to More Clients and More Sales

And that leads us to the next benefit – Corporate Image. To be successful, your image should play a major role. Does the picture of a shoddily kept property portray the type of image you envision for your business?

Being a community player is essential for many businesses to succeed. A landscape designed to enhance the community will show that your business cares about the community in which you are situated. You will be seen as a community leader. Your business and you as businessman will gain the respect of the community – and maybe more sales!

Happy Employees = Increased Productivity

When you create a better working environment for your employees you will happier workers. Happier workers equates to better productivity. What dollar value can you place on better productivity? Landscaping can provide more pleasant working conditions leading to increased productivity.

A well landscaped property can provide for a healthier working environment as well. It would be difficult to put a dollar value on a happy healthy workforce.

Put Your Best Face Forward to Entice the Best Employees

And what about that special potential employee? You know, the one that could take your business to the next level. Do you think that he or she would be more inclined to work for your beautifully landscaped business or that business with knee-high grass and weeds? No question that potential employees are looking for the best offer but part of that offer is the self-esteem that one feels working for a good looking successful company.

Use Energy-Saving Techniques – You Will Be Green

Properly designed and placed landscaping can help reduce operating costs as well. Trees positioned to provide shade form the baking afternoon sun can considerably reduce the air-conditioning load on the building. If those trees are deciduous, you gain the added value of retrieving some of the sun’s warmth during the cold winter months.

Landscaping can provide wind-breaks as well. This can help with snow build-up and any outside yard activities that your business may require.

From Plain Jane to Looking Like a Million

Many of the pre-engineered commercial metal buildings and masonry buildings that have been built in the last few decades can be very plain, stark and in some cases look almost sterile. Soften the lines of these buildings and enhance their over-all aesthetic appeal with some properly placed plantings and your building will look more like a successful business.

Now I am not talking about a lot of exotic plantings and over-the-top landscaping schemes. Native plantings of plants, shrubs and trees when well designed can be very functional and attractive. In addition, this type of planting is seen as being very environmentally-friendly – you know, the GREEN that everyone is talking about. This could be your first step towards becoming a GREEN business.

As you can see, there is an economic advantage to having an aesthetically pleasing façade which includes a well designed landscape plan. These designs do not have to break-the-bank to add a prestigious look to your business. Check out the possibilities… you won’t be disappointed!

Brian A Schmidt is the author and publisher of . He lives in a small community in Southwestern Ontario, Canada with his lovely wife Carol of 34 years. They have three fantastic grown children and four wonderful small grandchildren. A construction company owner and long time construction manager including low-rise residential metal building fabricators, Brian enjoys gardening and woodworking in his backyard workshop. Carol and Brian enjoy taking cruise vacations.

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