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Design News: Leather flooring is getting rave reviews

(NC)—Leather flooring has come a long way. In the past, it was reserved for the rich and famous. Prohibitively expensive as a material and costly to install, leather had real barriers to overcome as a mainstream choice for the home.

Today, eco-engineering makes it possible to create beautiful, durable leather flooring that is environmentally friendly and sustainable with an innovative use of recycled leather. These floors carry on the tradition of classic European leather floors, pleasing to the eye and inviting to the touch, wearing well with surprising warmth and comfort.

This recent breakthrough is largely credited to Torlys, a Canadian flooring company, known for its evolution of 'smart floors' that combine great looks, performance and environmental benefits.

And the design community couldn't be happier.

“It's definite 'wow,' a fantastic product,” says Glenda Bourk, of Glenda Bourk Interior Design in Calgary. “I was excited from the first time I saw it. Torlys Leather does everything hardwood does – it's beautiful, wears well – plus it offers us so many looks and textures.”

Bourk was a lead designer for the Landmark Homes model home in Cranston south of downtown Calgary. She chose leather for the floor of the great room, the home's centre-piece that set the stage for visitors upon entry.

“Torlys Leather contrasted perfectly with the smooth polished surface of the white marble in the kitchen,” says Bourk. “The floor drew rave reviews from everyone, designers and homeowners alike. It was great to feature something different. Personally I'd put it in my own home. I love it that much.”

These classically textured, much sought-after leather floors are proven more durable than solid hardwood and backed by a 25-year wear warranty. Finally. We can all enjoy an elegant hard surface alternative to hardwood that offers the same “eco-luxury” appeal.

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