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How to do-it-yourself, but smarter

Smart Select Power Tools

Smart Select Power Tools(NC)–Using power tools can be more of an art than a science when tackling a new project. Most of us never look at the settings of our drill or sander. Instead we turn it on and just opt for the most power - assuming that will get the job done quickly. But more power doesn't guarantee the best results, and can actually cost you time to fix mistakes. We all know that a stripped screw or over sanded project can leave us, quite literally, in the (saw)dust.

Size and speed do matter. And so do the clutch and torque settings. The problem is that the standard numbered settings don't explain how best to set the tool for specific projects. For example, when you want to drive a screw into 1/4” plywood what gear should the drill be in and which torque level should you select? Or, if you'd like to sand down the dining room table for a fresh coat of stain, how can you set your sander to avoid deep scratches?

The best bet for the home handyperson who expects more from his/her tools is Black & Decker's new generation of products with “Smart Select” technology. These specially designed drills, sanders, jigsaws and screwdrivers will help your loved one avoid DIY disasters and finish projects faster with fewer hassles.

“We found that many do-it-yourselfers have to do a lot of guessing when it comes to setting a tool for optimal performance on jobs,” says Jocelyn Stephen, marketing manager at Black & Decker Canada. “The Smart Select series eliminates the guess work; each tool has simple icons to help select the appropriate application. Just set the tool to the icon that matches your task and the tool automatically selects the right settings to get the job done right.”

Drilling a 1/2” hole into metal, or a 7/8” hole into wood? Simply line up the icon and voila you're using the tool like the pros. Both experienced and beginning do-it-yourselfers will appreciate taking the guesswork out of DIY projects at any level.

Currently three different voltages of drills are available (12v, 14v, and 18v), as well as a jigsaw, a complete sanding kit, and a very handy compact screwdriver with a magnetic bit holder. No more dropped screws. Prices range between $50 - $100.

So this holiday season, give the “handyperson” on your shopping list “Smart Select” tools that will work harder so they don't have to. Smart Select products are available at home centres across the country. More information is available online at

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