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Stop the Ant March

Tips and Solutions from Janette Ewen

Stop the ant march

Stop the Ant March

Tips and Solutions from Janette Ewen

Custom Kitchens

Custom Kitchens

From countertops to appliances, remodeling your kitchen made easy.


Getting in the Groove

With proper insulation that’ll keep heat and money from escaping you.

attic, insulation

Warming Up to Attic Re-insulation

All it takes is a simple top-up to save big on energy bills.

Garage door

Time for a garage door makeover?

The Garage takes up a large portion of the façade of the house yet for some reason, it’s one of the most overlooked design features. From style to efficiency here’s what to look for in a garage door.

Blinds by room

Blinds by Room

When looking for window coverings, many of us focus on style and colour but did you know there are certain features you should be looking for depending on the room they’re to go in?

Testing for Radon

Testing for Radon

Radon is a tasteless, odourless, and colourless gas and the only way to know if your home has high levels is to test for it.

Eco upgrades

New Homes: eco-upgrades from the ground up

From the design, to the construction, to the types of appliances you install including energy efficiency upgrades during the construction process helps to increase your homes energy performance and comfort.

Home inspections

Home Inspections before Purchasing a New Home?

Home inspections can help avoid costly home repair bills when buying a new home

Don’t Waste Energy

Don’t Waste Energy

Assess your home’s energy efficiency and safe hundreds of dollars annually on utility bills. Retrofit Evaluations and the Eco-energy Program.

heating and cooling system maintainance

Home Temperature Wars

Simple tips ensure your heating and cooling system is properly maintained while saving energy.

Air Quality Video

Air-Tight Homes and Air Quality

Air quality experts say the more energy efficient your home, the greater the chance the air inside can become unhealthy. Graham Stuart discusses how to balance energy efficiency and air quality.

Get Rid of Insects Video

Keep your Home Insect Free Video

Get Rid of those bugs! Along with the nice weather come the insects and that can mean many unwelcome bugs in your home. Here are some tips to keep insects from invading your home this season.

Leather floors are the latest style in home flooring

Leather the Future of Flooring

Leather floors are the latest style in home flooring. Environmentally responsible, long lasting and elegant; learn more about the newest trend in home décor.

energy efficient homes

Energy Efficiency starts in the the Attic

Conserving energy in the home is good for the environment and your bank account. But where do you start? Experts suggest the attic. Follow these tips for a more energy efficient home.

Range Hoods

New Technology for Range Hoods

Range hoods have been completely redesigned to reflect the latest technology and kitchen décor trends.

Greening Your Lawn Video

Greening Your Lawn - Healthy Lawn Video

A healthy lawn naturally deters weeds and pests and is easier to maintain throughout the season. Here are some tips to make your lawn healthy, green and the envy of the neighbourhood.

integrated kitchen

The Newest in Home Décor

The latest home trend is creating the 'integrated kitchen', a place where eating, living, and entertaining all comes together. And taking centre stage are the sink and faucet.

weed-free lawn

Maintaining Curb Appeal - Naturally

Weeds are sprouting up on lawns and between walkways. Pests are taking bites out of herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Have a pest-free garden and weed-free lawn and walkway with these earth-friendly tips.

Earth tones and green paints

Colour your Home

Earth tones and ‘green’ paint; the newest trend in home décor is bringing the outdoors in.

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